Join our whitelisted snapshot SMP server!

If you like trying out the latest snapshot on a multiplayer server, then join our whitelisted snapshot SMP server. Request to be whitelisted in #vanilla-smp on our Discord server.

— Xesau, developer-founder

MCVerge is coming back!

June 30th, I acquired the remnants of MCVerge. I plan on reviving the server. Updates will mostly be posted on the Discord server.

— Xesau, developer-founder

Join our Discord server


1.13 SMP (whitelisted)

On our whitelisted 1.13 SMP survival server, the hard core of the MCVerge community survivals in the most recent snapshot version

PracticePVP (soon)

Pratice your PVP skills in different modes (1v1, FFA, Party vs. Party, Party FFA, Party Split) on the old MCVerge maps!

Kingdoms (still in development)

The server can be described as a medieval-ish fantasyrealism-ish building and political/war strategy MMO in Minecraft. When you join the server, you can start a village yourself or join someone else's. The goal is to develop your small village into a powerful kingdom, through growth, war, trade and conquests. It bares resemblance to Kingdoms of Mildra, a previous MCVerge offshoot, but this server will be very different in many core gameplay aspects.

The server will use Biome Bundle biomes that resemble the terrain throughout the European continent, where the gamemode is set. Other noteworthy features are: realistic seasons (freeze to death when you swim in rivers during winter), realistic walking speed (roads are fast, bush-bush slow), semi-hardcore with mandatory custom names, rebellions, realistic crafting resources and resource gathering, and much more.

This custom gamemode is still in development. Updates will be posted to the